We cannot speak highly enough of Brian & Shelley Bohlman and their work in the field of marriage and family ministry. In our 20+ years of knowing them, we have seen them serve as an example of a committed and loving marriage to other couples. Their sincere desire is to see marriages not only stay together, but to thrive and grow deeper with each new day. ~Richard And Tanya Curren, Co-Creators of the Scaly Adventures Television Series, www.RickandTanya.com

Anchored by Love is a great seminar to enjoy and relearn about your partner. Even after 35 years of marriage, we learned a few things that we both wish we had known about each other earlier on in our relationship. The curriculum is fun and light-hearted which we think makes it even easier to relate to our daily walk in life together. Brian and Shelley are both positive and sincere in their teaching style. I would highly recommend attending! You will love it.
~David and Terry

The Couples Cruise and Relationship Seminar led by Brian and Shelley encouraged us to take truthful looks at ourselves, as a couple and family, and yet provided a romantic and spiritual time together. We both work and have 1 teen and 2 younger children with everything that comes with it. If mom and dad as the head and heart of the family are not on beat, everybody could be out of sync. The seminar gave us undisturbed husband and wife time, attention and time to synchronize. Time where we could be away from the routine distractions, responsibilities, work, home struggles, children, sickness and constant concerns and worries of life. We could clear our head and focus. It was a date to ‘remember the times when we fell in love–when we first met.’ —James and Veronica

Though I consider myself blessed with a strong marriage, a beautiful and devoted wife and an adventurous, romantic life in general…I’ll admit it. I’m lazy. Despite my best intentions, I’m guilty of complacency and taking each of those blessings for granted. Our cruise with Brian and Shelley was a healthy reminder that even the best of relationships takes work. And, fortunately, our time aboard the Spirit of Lake Murray also reminded us that work doesn’t have to be a drag. Such a fun get-away that had a long-lasting, positive impact on the way we love one another. Come aboard! They’re expecting you! ~Jim and Becky