Don’t Be An Ass: 9 Mistakes Guaranteed to Destroy Any Relationship


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Are you or do you know someone that is intolerable, stubborn, obnoxious, insensitive, impatient, and demanding?

We all know people like this or, perhaps, we have acted like this at one point in time!
The truth is the only way to get through to badly-behaving people is through the use of direct, frank conversation.

So don’t be an ass!

The word ass is used 86 times in 76 verses in the King James Bible. People ask how I can use this word and still be a pastor. To clear things, up, the Bible is referring to Donkeys, not behinds. This is also a term used to describe people who act like donkeys, stubborn and intolerable. This book describes all the different types of asses you can encounter… A Jackass, A Hard Ass, A Smart Ass, and more!

By daring to look at our shortcomings, we can learn to be less stubborn, lazy, arrogant, stupid, stingy, critical, and egotistical. We can improve our behavior and our relationships.Get the book now to stop causing trouble in your life!