The Anchored by Love Date Night and Relationship Seminar is an educational program in partnership with Chaplain Training Academy, a federally recognized 501(c)(3) faith-based educational nonprofit corporation and South Carolina charitable organization.

Our mission is to create a fun-filled environment that encourages couples to discover what anchors them so their relationship can weather the storms of life. This seminar seeks to enhance trust, romance, communication, and relationship resilience. Some of the featured topics covered during the seminar include:

1. Your Emotional Love Tank: Close to Full or Running on Empty?

2. Investing for the Future: Establishing a Bi-Monthly Date Night

3. Setting Relationship Goals: A Couples’ Road Map to the Future

4. Relationship Investing 101: Your Relationship Bank Account

5. The Doolittle Raiders: Principles for Relationship Resilience

6. For Better or Worse: Five Tips for Healthy Relationship